A Philosophy

Philosophy is the art of understanding the meaning of life shown in the way a person sees and interacts with the world – One sentence after

Here I am saying things to myself. I just discover some old writings after googling up ‘philosophy in life’ online one day on my journal. This will be my another reminder on what young Anggraeni find on her 21.

I should be aware that I live a life long journey. Hence, I have to commit on being open minded and flexible. It is stated that every concious person has a philosophy, it can be simple, developing or well developed. But it will be a fundamental and integrated understanding about existence and their relationship to all related issues for each individual. Discovering and developing one’s philosophy requires self-awareness, a desire to understand and the will and of course ability to learn. Commit to look for meaning and discern what make sense.

Start reading and learning, stick with what interests you, like right now you love history, politics, people, society, culture, mental health, sex, womanhood, food, fashion and glams issues. What ever you like, as long as you keep an update and concern about them, it will build your perspectives and strengthen your arguments towards the world.

Earn another level of experiences, take chances, expand your travel but still keep up to date with the world. It will really help you to see things in different ways and from different angles. It will help you apply the theories you have learned on areal situations. How can you brain not expanding and have a further and deeper perspectives on things if you keep seeing and analyzing all the brand new things, right?

See yourself as a philosopher, whether or not you work as one because everybody deserve to be called one. We are all learners dwelling upon the floating world of people, struggling between human desire and responsibilities, insecure about future but can not let go of the past, we deal on how to grow up our minds and hearts while our body in contrary.  Let’s call ourselves a philosopher of life. Have a faith on your self.

For now,  you need to remember and apply for the rest of your life, the answer to the biggest philosophy in life which you stated that night to Vita and Krista in Pulau Tiga while preparing sahur for all the KKN-ers is this.

Love yourself, it’s not selfish.


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