Dear, being 21!

Karlie Kloss vlog has inspired me on making this. Some say that 21 is the earliest beginning of an adult life. It is a fact that I have always been worried about being adult ever since because adults around me doesn’t quite qualified on my very own definition of adult should be (Guys, you are very welcome to make your very own definition too).

I have came to an idea to think that adult is only a state of mind. I’ve been on a discussion about being adult with a lecturer from Psychology Department back then and he said that adult is a phase after and only after somebody has crossed over and finish their teenager phase, he recommended some good books (on his own qualification) about what adult be like but I do not want to talk about it now. I don’t want to quote from any other books I’ve read or someone’s told me, I want to define my own adult as I am NOW earned being called an adult.

People might called me adult because I am old enough to be called one, but I want everybody know that I really am trying to be one. To acknowledge people that adult is not only about getting older time after time, grow a little taller or stronger or maybe get a bigger size of some part of body everytime. It’s about learning and getting better at everything.

Now, I want to share 21 things I genuinely wrap to make my self looks even better (I do things for granted and that is a fair thing to do in this particular self centered era), maybe you’ve heard some or even discover yourself or read it somewhere, I honestly says that I am a reader, observer, discoverer and learner who dives in books, blogs, vlogs, instagrams and lots of media, if a phrase hits me it might inspires me and baby, ain’t everything is  a remix? If it does not turn to be a better one you could make the better one yourself, fair enough, right? So stay scroll!

1.      Life will never wait you!

You might made your own excuses of not doing this or that, delaying something and refuse to take chances or risks and life still keep on going, the clock is keep on ticking and there is no rewind.

2.      Do something and regret!

Because life is too short to think about what NOT to do!


The art of life begins when you finally admits your mistakes and apologize for that!

4.      Never FIT YOURSELF IN!

You are not define by a group of ideology or a media catch phrase or a campaign or anything, you are define by your own unique one of a kind soul of your very own.

Some would say I was an arrogant skinny girl who tried so hard on being a model like body. I have my own definition about a better me and it had nothing to do with the models, I adore what I adore, I never want to be like anybody else, I want to be skinnier by excersising everyday because I belive work out boost my confidence and I want to shape my body, I do not want to be bothered to dress what ever I want and that is one of the privilage of being skinny and it is accomplished when I excersised everyday! I don’t want to eat rice too much not because I am on a diet, it’s a healthy way on eating regulary, a quarter of rice on a plate is enough, do yourself a favour on doing your own research on that!

Why being in a healthy life style is an affront on a definition of beauty? I never ever thought that beauty is defined by size!  I have my own point of view about being pretty because I know my strong point to show my best part of my own body, and if it involved on getting skinny it has nothing to do with the definition of a beauty for anybody else out there! Feel free to define your own beauty and mind your own bussiness!

5.      Coffee is NEVER for old people!

It selfish if somebody said that only old people drink coffee, it’s a gift from heaven and everybody deserve to taste a bit of heaven everyday!

6.      DO COOK!

Never neglect ability in cooking because I do believe that it is part of science, every appliance bring different taste! You got to feel the magic of turning something by playing on taste, colours, texture and nutrition, one hell of an art, right? Be careful it might turn pretty and crazy at the same time (I’ve been there).

7.      Listen to National Song Anthem

It’s a remedy when you had a really bad thought about your beloved country, media may seem a little too much shared a horrible murder and sexual harrasment cases trough all the station lately everyday, you need more love to listen about your mother land!

8.      Read A LOT!

There’s no way to tell that book is a core to everything nicely than this word : PERFECT!

9.      Show your gratitude towards people!

10.     Write a diary

It might be not the best way to hide your deepest darkest secret since your BF always coming around try to discover things including your one little diary to cure their curiousity on whether their name mention a lot on our very own book of life and also to make sure that they mentioned on a good paragraph too!

11.      Wake up erlier!

It’s a lie if I’m a morning person but once I got up early, the world felt not as fast as yesterday and everything is getting along with your schedule, it’s kind of a normal day that you’ve been waiting for!

12.      Find a good bed-mate and you’ll find a soulmate!

Who ever can handle your horrible sleeping creature they are the one you should keep your whole life! It’s hard to live a night when you really need a private time to rest the way you want with everything the way you want, two pillows, one particular furry sheet to warm the body, a pair of shock, eye cover and one last important thing : no food smell 
(the only thing I hate from someone on bed is they eat on bed, leave the smell linger on the room) or to have meni-pedi on bed (you can totaly do everything except those two because I can get irritated easily by those two things, the fact that I still fell asleep is either I was too tired to argue or I love you too much though) . The different sleeping schedule, the one who should turn off the light, the one that scream to brush the teeth every night before sleep. Not every body can handle your kick-slap-sleeping everyday and (all hail) morning breath every single day. No ‘good morning’s and no smile when we got up day by day. Only the kick to the one who should switch off the alarm, the slap on butt when someone need to be waken up and a sarcasm to remind to live the bull of the day! All hail to my partner on bed (for one year and still counting) my dearest Daniar ^^


You’ll never know that you’ll look like Twiggy or Beyonce when you totaly do something to your hair! Try pixie, try bangs, try curl, try everything!


Actually it’s selfish to say only Friends but it is (obviously) my all time favourite tv serial that will pass to my kids time after time later on. It’s honest and fun without being mean, friendship is exactly the way its pictured and every generation could relate with it, like I’m totally gonna exploit my kids to watch them! You can totaly find a tv serial that is good for your all time reminder (couldn’t believe you find others though) that is totally relate with yourself!

15.  Control yourself!

That is the only one thing you have to get when you got asked what super power you wanna have. It’s the hardest part on everything, to control yourself, to make sure that you do what you gotta do, to stop when it’s time to stop and start when it is the time to start and run when it’s time to run and to do things the way your heart and brain could agreed on at the same time is only done when you have control to your own! Not everybody can control their self, often I missed chances and opportunities , failed on trying my best and loose to my own worst or being a stupid person because I could not control my fear, insecurities and weakness to develop my strength, audacity and wisdom. Trust me, Marvel or DC superheroes always make sure the winner is the one who can control their self, never let anger and insecurities destroy you! *God I sound old*

16.  Went grocery shoppping by yourself!

It’s a lifechanging experience to buy the necessities on a month! You got to experience the feeling when you finally you can save your ass after find out that showerpuff could make 150ml liquid soap is enough for a month by only two drops, that you don’t need a 60,000 rupiah of room purifier by having make up done, applying lotion and spraying perfume on a closed room with fan on and never open it until got home again (let your body products lingered the room), that after-face cleanser-used cotton could clean the stove better than that 32,000 Mr. Muscle cleanser, that a 21,000 rupiah detergent and 16,000 rupiah softener could save 56,000 rupiah laundry per 2 months (consider 2 kilos of laundry per week @3500 rupiah, it’s totally a minimum case), that self-frying tempeh is a better option than buy protein out there such as chicken, meat or eggs, there are lots of daily hacks that made you felt like you’re ready to face life alone, like you can scream “BRING IT ON!”

17.  Call an old friend for a random midnight talk!

Two words : NEVER BETTER!

18.  It’s NOT your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits!

I have had part time job for almost a year and having my own salary did not make me a rich bitj afterall, the fact that I still live by my parents spending on me did not help me either because of  extra money I earned, my ability on spending was extending on one whole new level at the same time and it did not change anything except spending more (sad)

19.  Your value DOESN’T decrease  based on someone inability to see your WORTH!

I love this special Cameron Diaz post!

20.  You never choose a life, you choose a good or bad or extraordinary or horrible one!

Life is given to you on a blank space that what ever you did or do make your future, you are the artist and you are the ONLY judge!

21.  NEVER judge a person by SOCIAL MEDIA!

The person you see on every social media, twitter, path, snapchat, instagram, blogs, tumblr, youtube, website, mention it, everything IS NEVER REAL! At least not a whole clarity nor reality. It’s something they create that can give us a way to see her trough 150 characters on twitter, unlimited words on blogs, tumblr or websites, some caption on instagram or path, a glimpse of life on snapchat or youtube or everywhere. No matter how fast they update by seconds  and millions of words they made up or a 24 hours vlogs or photos they made and went viral, do not ever think that they are real and you know them very well and then compare yourself to them. When was the last time you posted something that showed the glaring holes in your life? Pretty much NEVER. They are exactly like you, building aa virtual image the way they want. Don’t make them a real bad ass or bitch  or an almighty queen or king, because they are not real and it is useless to judge somebody by their posts. Get real and get a life!


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