Being A 22 Taurian

A yeay for an annual celebration month for Taurus has begin. I will proudly call myself birthday girl for a full whole month, like for real because birthday is that fun. I was a little nervous about being 22 this year, but after the exact moment of turning one, it’s just disappear, in a way a fog lifted, a curtain closed in a show, an after brunch with loved ones, it’s like a rare lovely funny mood lifting feeling. Well, this time it’s just a 24 hours of living the moment and I am in love with the idea. There’s so much I miss though, like writing my agenda and re-set up my plans, was it worth it? Yes, definitely! I have so plenty time thus I can write them down now.


What Susan Miller says here is not just an “empty wish” on hoping myself being happy. I am, eventually. Like always, I have so much in my mind and it started with myself. Leave it to me on ‘How to love yourself’ task every time because I am an honorable Professor candidate if one’s existed, my whole situation and being is a worthy ‘put myself first’ actual representation point of view, p.s. even my friend, Nicky referred me as ‘too good for my own good’ kind of person, lol.

I am blushed and chilled when Susan said that this is a month Taurus will be so creative others will pause all like, “Yo Mark Z face-swapped with Georgia O’Keefe, that you?”. It is hilarious but the idea is kind of blown me away and all the Taurian did,  I suppose, since both are artist of modernism, at least that what Wikipedia said, one in technology and one in art. Despite of only on Taurus month, let’s make it like a whole life, mate!

Move to what Susan suggests us to wear sunscreens and eat cake because this will be a fire summer, a good kind of fire though, you got me Susan! I’m armored!


Credit to Pinterest

Anyway, it is stated here that just like Virgo and Capricorn, we have the ability to see things from grounded, practical and realistic perspective as we express our creativity at best, at the same time we are also the wandering bull, who seek for happiness and longing for it in each seconds. That’s why we kept the optimism hidden and put all the colour of emotions upfront.

Taurus is an ultimate sign of the stubbornness and single-mindedness, often claimed unwavering and determinant over their belief, value and convictions. Ha! Welcome, people! I am just exactly what it said. Let me give you an insight, Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, and for me, air can’t move me, water can’t drown me and fire can’t scorch me kind of case. I always have an argumentation prepared beforehand. I don’t wait people to ask me why or worst case tell me what, I am logic rational person who has deep thought on how to live my life and take every decision while living in it.

There’s a case when I was not prepared because I put trust on people as they earned it, then some people didn’t really qualify the trust anymore. I was in a long journey way to go seeking for self identity and latterly I feel like I am living the best representation of my own self, which needed me to make some changes and sacrifices towards some aspects, even on the family basis. Then, the people I put trust on just making judgemental argument and put me in a box of “orang kayak gitu”. I felt like I’ve been ripped apart, I hate a mental breakdown surprises, but ain’t life is the best  drama queen? Well, it took me sometime to think and come up to the state where I put them out of my inner circle one, to cut some people who don’t understand you and can’t afford to respect you the way you are is a worth deal. They don’t want me in their life is a silver lining that I don’t want them in my life either, and now I know it. Accepted the fact that me and them in one happy picture together is eventually years ago, I am not going to get along with them like before, adulting is on my way, we are growing up, out and at ‘em, right mate?

Well, I talk a lot about being a Taurian here, like I said before, I am a proud Taurian, the bull might not be my spirit animal, but it is in my gene, pierced in my heart and side to side to my soul. It is like one open chapter of my millions shades of grey. I believe that there are more than just zodiac sign or just so other things to constitute a human being. Let’s just call our self human and be content with the world!

Cheers, 22 mate! Taurian mate! Whoever you are!


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