How Considered Mood Lifting Food (does not) Really Affected My Mood

This is Anna Tokarska’s work,  a Polish artist & photographer who creates a realistic looking portraits composed mostly of fruits and vegetables. The inspiration behind the work, are the paintings of XVI Italian mannerist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who has been known for his incredible allegorical-still life-portraits.
The whole set of eight photographs took about a month to complete. Each was built vertically with great care, measuring from 50-80cm, then photographed. Enchanting!

As I say here,  I’m in a research on how food I ate affected my mood and my energy through the day. I wrote a daily record of what I ate since the beginning of May this year.  Since I am a never-in-diet state person, I make sure that I ate less gorengan and cut at least one per day to eat outside and of course adding the considered-mood-lifting-food.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.07.04 AM

First I checked out some websites to find the list. My googling resulted to some food recommendation, such as coffee, green tea, egg, dark chocolate, fruits and vegetables, also carbs. There is some recommendation on saffron (which I cannot afford to buy), salmon, red meat, walnuts, legumes and seaweed which I was not considering at all.

There is a recommendation which explained a specific geographic place where the food should come from, such as Atlantic salmon. Definitely Atlantic salmon will not be on the list, not because I am an Indian and Pacific Ocean believer ‘it will betrays my faith if I go with Atlantic’ but more likely I am in to iwak kali in every way, a muddy river endemic fish is where I put my faith in fish every time. I was a little freak out when this article recommend some fatty fish which I really hate. The juicy fat sparkling and shining like a metal silver bracelet on a white pinkish naked fish is not my appetite, I mean you need to dress up more Miss Fish. Maybe it will be biologically and chemically mood lifting but not psychologically for me, so, aloha sayonara adios good bye fish, you will never be on the list!

Then here is my final mood lifting food list, which includes fruits, dark chocolate, coffee, green tea and veggies cooked in healthy easiest way such as steamed or boiled and sometimes raw. I do not consider my carbs consumption on the mood lifting list because there is a certain amount of carbs to be considered mood lifting and I am a lazy lady to count how much carbs I should eat per se.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.12.15 AM.png

So, here is my May chart of mood lifting food consuming if it is not consider as food poisoning since I ate whatever I wanted. Like it is a terrible combination of Nasi Kuning and Lasagna also lemon sponge cake on one serve or mi dok dok x nasi jinggo, oh don’t forget the coffee and wine, same here, mate. I wonder why I haven’t gone to the hospital yet. Let’s say that the combination is terrible but I try hard not to skip the considered mood lifting food.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.38.10 AM.png
I score my mood per day from scale 0 to 10. If it is consider as a bad day it will scored below 5 or 5.

As you all see on the table, I skip the mood lifting food 4/28, it’s the same amount as I skipped once in a week. If I compare to my mood chart, I only got a low mood, rated 4 and 5 (blocked blue) on the second week of Saturday and  third week of Wednesday. On the second week of Saturday I ate banana and chocolate for breakfast, for lunch I ate rice, scrambled egg, tempe and coffee, last for dinner I ate the same exact meal as lunch minus the coffee. It’s because I was too lazy to went out buying some food. Banana, chocolate and coffee is the considered mood lifting food yet it didn’t really worked out that day for me. Then on the third week of Wednesday, I had rice, steamed vegetables and tempe, then I had the same exact meal for lunch, and I skipped the dinner because of my laziness. The day I skipped mood lifting food is the first week of Sunday, rated 7, then second week of Wednesday, rated 10, which is the highest of all day in May, and last week and third week of Friday both rated  7.

The terms “You are what you eat” is basically a truth we have to accept in this explanation. It is pretty complex like a ribbon in your birthday present times 111. But, I can make it simple by saying that actually our mood is based on which bacteria flourish in our gut  since your gut is the home of trillions of bacteria. An imbalance in gut bacteria can lead to chronic low-grade inflammation, an immune reaction, and a slowing down in the production of new brain cells—both tied to depression. You can certainly say that your gut is your second brain and the bacteria is the queen who made your day, heil to bacterias! How to make sure that you are petting your gut bacteria right? Simply by eating certain food considered mood lifting by the scientists, such comfort food, as coffee and chocolate. Well.. it is still on the state of “well….” on me.

Another explanation about the connection between mood and food here stated that you can maintain your mood by habit rather than eating the right certain foods. First you gotta eat at regular intervals to ensure that your body has a continuous source of fuel by keeping the blood sugar levels steady. Second, never skip meals because it makes your body less able to assimilate food and you eager to overeat at the next meal. Third, avoiding refined carbohydrates, especially in junk food, such as candy, soda, as well as fruit juice, syrup, jams, refined white starches such as white rice, white bread and crackers is a good idea because it is the culprit of rollercoaster blood sugar level. Well, it is shocking because satisfying my own taste bud is kind of my norms in eating, the reason behind is because blood sugar spikes and drops can leave us with a short-lived burst of energy followed by a tired, cranky feeling, yet it’s true for me. Hmm well..let me rethink for a moment. In the end it is also showed a list of mood lifting food which strengthen the connection between food and mood.

I apologize for ruining your science lady imagination because I am not going to talk about the food nutrition contents here on my review. I don’t think eating something considered mood lifting help to uplift my mood on my case. See how I don’t even get to eat something uplifting but otherwise got a 10 full stars of happiness chart?  I am a firm believer that happiness as well as a good day is only a state of mind, the fact that I count it as a good day from what I got to through is also another point to pin. Maybe what I eat is biologically helping, but not really in psychological way. I gotta find the right rhythm between what I eat and what I thought to spend the day and the balance between them so I can really sensitive both biologically and psychologically on the next 3 months experiment. It is just to soon to finally rely on one statement of how food affecting my mood but I can really say this for now, it does not affected my mood in a way falling in love did (OF COURSE!!) but it makes me become a little more self conscious since I treat my body good by eating certain food. It is like one of a way to show gratitude towards your own body and it does feel good, kind of like you pay your debt that you owe to your own body, good feeling, huh?


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