‘How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are’ Not a Review Review

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This really is not a review review. Sharing what I thought about the book is more likely to be a spoiler but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It has been such a  negative but positive kind of vibe to read HTBPWYA, and soon you’ll know why!


Yes, I don’t get kisses often from lots of people (just view of certain people) even my parents, so I put book instead. The second one crossed was ‘How to be Parisian Everywhere’.


I have been busy with work load for the past two months and it is dreading me inside, I haven’t put my happiness upfront and it’s about anytime I will have a breakdown. So in action to save myself, I take an off on my work, start my day early, just to make sure I check all my to do list for today, a happy kind of way to spend my day. I start to do the laundry which had laid days on the floor, put out the details in my bag I have been carrying for days and put it where they belong, then I read a book I have on my list just to find a solitude while sipping a morning coffee.


One of my favorite aphorism, “Either go all gray or no gray hair. Salt and paper is for the table”. What a shady lady!


Honestly, I bought this because of Caroline de Maigret, though I can’t find a specific part written by her as well as by others because turns out the book really is the sum of all four thoughts. But I found that all the four are basically people in one soul, and their aphorisms on how to live a life is a guideline to keep your mind sane and healthy.

 I always have an uplifting mood every time I watch Caroline de Maigret interview, walk or show, and it is more than exciting to have hard copy of her ideas. She always go with ‘What you call perfect is the imperfection, so show ’em’ kind of person. She really knows how to live between being original and natural person and I am an absolute fan.

At the same time, Caroline De Maigret is such  a big snob, attention sniper, lazy ass kitten that alluring in every freaking way. A person I want to become when I reach 40 (in a way to value beauty and perfection of myself) because who doesn’t want to age gracefully and embrace the flaws perfectly, you gotta admit that being perfectly imperfect is a hard thing to do and she nailed it. On many of her exclusive interviews, she somehow capture a rare persona of human flaws in a perfect way, what a contradiction! It’s like she was living in a self destruction attitude, where she ignores phone calls to avoid talking to people she doesn’t want to, honestly lying to build up some personas, have those bored look all the time just to appear chic enough just to live up on being Parisian, criticize little things people do, proud to cross roads where people not supposed to and loud on breaking rules. See? But sometimes, self destruction also plays an important role as a self medicine, the best of the best, quoted by Lala Bohang, and I am absolutely agree with her statement. This book is a guide to accept and admit human flaws as well as to live along with it at its best.

There are 5 part to sum it up, “Get the Basics”, ” Own Your Bad Habits”. “Cultivate Your Allure”, “Dare to Love” and “Parisian Tips”. I can not say specifically on which part I love the most but I am in love with the way this whole book create my own mindset on how to live a life. Not in particular of being a Parisian one, but more likely how to live a life in an attitude they claim as a Parisian. What this book really want to present is that on being a lady you have to have a certain attitude which meet their qualification on being one based on their judgement and analytic, so basically it’s like a ‘propaganda’ on how to be a women but bring Paris as a specific geographical ethnicity because you know ‘Fahion rules the world and Parisians rule fashion’ it may not be true but the world still needs fairy tales.




Even though this book told us there is no such thing as perfection so that you have your right to show your flaws but it doesn’t necessarily spreading  pessimism. Yes, it told us to see failure as an achievement but didn’t approved being in flaws all the time without doing nothing about it at all. They have a unique way to reflect themselves as they find it through an epiphany, by asking their men, and I have to rethink about that because it took a big gut to ask them out as it means asking for a criticism to the person we criticize the most. I am not prepared if the table turned (whoopsie), at least for now. But, I love to do it, one day, asking what is the perfect definition of Javanese women to the people I have been living with, it will be an interesting topic to talk about together. You know it takes forever to conquer fear and insecurity as well as hope and virtue.

Like I said earlier that this book is the sum of all four French women thoughts, they all four are big snob and they do know how to enjoy being one. I gotta admit that I am as well as them a big snob my self. I am not being proud, but most of things bored me and make me judged them easily, hfft. So I instantly fell in love when they made this special part, ‘OFF THE RADAR’. I found we have the same way to enjoy being a snob without being annoying for others, or at least alleviate the annoying vibe for others. It is by getting away from the crowd by being in a crowd, and to help you understand better wether or not you want to understand, I’m selfishly re-write some.

‘You are drinking coffee alone at a sidewalk café. You are watching people around you, families, children playing, a young woman engrossed in a book, a lost tourist trying to find his way…..

You have no real reason to be there: you’re not meeting anyone, and no one is waiting for you elsewhere. You will stay as long as you like, and leave only when you’re ready…..

You are anonymous in your own city; no one knows your age, who you are, or what you do for a living. In this moment, you can regain control of your life. Feel the beating of your heart, take a deep breath, and listen to yourself. Do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Savor the stolen moments. They help you regroup, and belong to no one else. You alone are responsible for what happen to you.


You turn your phone back on, read your messages, and send word to reassure the people in your life who were worried when you became momentarily silent.

Ennui is your secret garden.

And solitude can be luxury’

By the end of this book, I realized I have been laughing and smiling most of the time. Wanna know why? Because while reading it, it felt like I was checking the list of my own flaws I need to work on only in order to show them more flawlessly, LOL. That is how it done on being chic, ladies!

This book is something I would totally recommend as a gift to a girl at the beginning of their 20s, something they can read all the time, maybe again at their 30s or 40s one day, to remind them that the soul they are living with will never aged even though maybe 20 years later you need eye cream more than drink! This is totally not a self help book and I can assure you it’s not a fashion guide either, but I would gladly say that it’s a book you admit your sins and flaws without even being in a Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation listened by a Priest.




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